KPI international exhibitions

For many companies, financial performance is still the key to determining the success and stability of a business. However, the business environment is developing dynamically, and we can safely say that it is not the same as it was 20, 10 or even 5 years ago. Accordingly, KPIs, according to which companies evaluate their activity, should also change. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting stuck in an outdated system and lagging behind competitors.

The main rule: key performance indicators should be consistent with the company's strategic goals and ensure that each department and all employees are aimed at achieving the overall success of the company.
Trends of modern business: KPI should not only show the stability of the business, but also motivate the development of the structure and innovative areas of activity, expand the opportunities for career and personal growth of employees. It is important that the key performance indicators are relevant, indicative, and purposeful.
International exhibitions have long ceased to be just exhibitions. Today it is a large-scale educational, immersive, marketing platform. In addition, with the global integration of artificial intelligence in all areas of activity, exhibitions are becoming even more complex events with enhanced interaction and exposure to visitors.
With the development of exhibitions should change key performance indicators. Measuring financial performance (marketing costs, human resource involved, profit from renting exhibition spaces) can help determine the likelihood of success / failure of a future exhibition. However, today exhibition organizers need to move on and consider, for example, the rate of return on investment, the cost of contact with one potential client, etc.
The income that the exhibition brings may well indicate its current financial success, but this does not guarantee the success and prosperity of the exhibition in the future. Feedback of visitors can be called one of the most important indicators in assessing the success of the exhibition. But now it is important to measure this indicator not just at the level of “liked / disliked,” it is necessary to introduce evaluation criteria separately for each type of target audience and for each type of activity that the visitor performed at the exhibition (exhibitor, visitor, sponsor, partner, etc.) . It’s not enough to “boil down” in your own industry, you should pay special attention to companies that are as customer-oriented as possible, such as online services such as Amazon and Alibaba, which continue to grow and develop at a rapid pace.
Source: UFI blog